Team Relay

Our team relay covers the same course as the marathon race. The big difference is that a minimum of 3, and maximum of 5 runners split the 26.2 miles between them. The marathon relay event is open to teams from all walks of life and abilities – corporate, families, friends, women, men, open…if you can organize a team of 3 to 5 runners or walkers, then we want you to come and take part! This event is a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society – all they ask is that you raise a minimum donation of $100.00 per team.

Check out the American Cancer Society Relay for Life for full details of the charity, the cause, and how to fund raise. specific event and fund raising here.

in partnership with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Marathon Team Relay Info
  • Marathon Team Relays start at 6:00am in front Estes Park Middle School building with the marathon race.
  • Registration is by means of the marathon team relay entry form.
    Please print form – one form required for each team member . The team captain to mail in all completed team forms – one for each runner or walker – 3-5 in total or online, visit this link
  • Entry fee is  $185 – before April 30, $195 – between May 1 and May 31, $215 – per team from June 1 to June 17. The fee is the same for teams of 3, 4 or 5
  • Registration at EP High School on Saturday, June 18. Full team payment of $210.00 is required, plus at least $100.00 minimum fund raising contribution to American Cancer Society.
  • Registration IS NOT possible on race day Sunday, June 17.
  • Registration by mail closes on June 11, 2018 for the Marathon Team Relay.
  • Prizes awarded to teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
  • All races end at the Estes Park High School track and field (elevation 7,550 feet). They take place on paved bike paths and dirt road shoulders.  Courses are professionally certified and offer challenging and beautiful routes.
  • The course is marked with spray painted directional arrows on the roads and trails , and yellow directional signs when there are turns. In critical spots there will also be course marshals.

Massages available at finish area, June 17th, Sunday. 8:30AM- 1:00pm. Rate: $1. per minute. Cash or CC

Total distance: 26.2 mi
Max elevation: 9134 ft
Min elevation: 7451 ft
Total climbing: 1512 ft
Total descent: -3110 ft

START LINE: The Dao House, off of Highway 7.

Transportation: Estes Park Trolley will deliver all marathon participants to the Dao House.  Pick-up from the Estes Park High School is 4:30AM, 4:45AM and 5:00AM.  There is NO transportation provided back to the start line, so do NOT leave your vehicle at the start location. All runners & walkers registered for the marathon, must take the Estes Park Trolley to the Dao House or have support drop you off.

The Course: Runners will head north down the scenic Colorado State Highway 7  for 3.7 miles and turn right onto Fish Creek Road. At Fish Creek Road, runners will continue descending for an additional 3 miles to Scott Ave., turning left to access the Carriage Hills Trail.  For a little over a one mile, runners climb 14o ft to the Hwy 7 bike path.  At Avalon Avenue, runners leave the path and descend to Brook Lane, which joins Fish Creek Road again. Runners turn left onto Fish Creek Road and continue to descend to Brodie Avenue. Turning left at Brodie Ave., Runner’s will enter the Lake Estes Trail multi-use path that winds thru Stanley Field to Lake Estes pedestrian tunnel. Once thru the tunnel (Lake Estes shoreline), turn left (clock-wise) around Lake Estes to the Highway 34 pedestrian tunnel (north east).

Leaving Lake Estes Trail, via north pedestrian tunnel, runners join the Dry Gulch multi-use trail/sidewalk heading north (Mile Marker 12.5 on the course).  At close to mile 13.25, runners will turn left onto Ptarmigan Trail (Shephard of the Mountains Lutheran Church), and semi-circle back to Dry Gulch Rd.  Turn left and continue to climb to top of Dry Gulch Road (close to 2 miles).  At the aid station, turn left and continue to CR43 and descend on Devils’ Gulch Road. At MacGregor Avenue, and East Wonderview Avenue turn left up to the main entrance to the historic Stanley Hotel.  Passing the Aspire Residential Center, runners will turn right onto Steamers Drive and down the hill to Highway 34.  Runners will turn left onto wide shoulder heading east on Highway 34 to Elk Trail Court.Turn Left onto Elk Trail Court.

From Elk Trail Court, the course winds through an open residential area that is mostly flat or downhill. Runners will connect to Dry Gulch Road at Raven Ave, taking the multi-use trail back thru the Highway 34 pedestrian tunnel to Lake Estes Tunnel.  Turn RIGHT after tunnel, following the Lake Estes Trail counter-clockwise to the southern pedestrian tunnel again and up to Brodie Ave entrance to the Estes Park High School track and Field. Complete less than one lap of the track counter clockwise and be greeted by enthusiastic crowds at the finish line!

All our courses are recognized for being well marked – The course is marked with spray painted directional arrows on the roads and trails , and yellow directional signs when there are turns. In critical spots there will also be course marshals.

Group Runs organized by the Estes Park Running Club & Professional Coaching


  • WARM-UP & REGISTER: 5:30PM  meet at Stanley Hotel.
  • RUN START: 6:05PM following a 3 – 5 mile route, which highlights inspiring mountain views and passes historic landmarks.
  • POST RUN: Stretching, cool down drills and strengthening
  • DINNER: Pasta and Salad for participants! Dinner is provided by the Stanley Hotel. Please, tip the servers!
  • Join this weekly FUN RUN for camaraderie, fitness, motivation, training! All fitness abilities and age groups welcome to RUN or WALK.

WEDNESDAY SPEED WORK at Estes Park High School Track & Field (Summer months only)

  • WARM-UP: 5:30PM dynamic stretching series
  • TRACK/SPEED WORKOUTS: 6:00PM all sessions are lead by coaches. Designed for all distances & abilities.   Join the fun for motivation and terrific coaching!


  • Beginning late June, runners meet at announced trailheads or designated parking lots. Please request to join our Facebook group, Estes Park Running Club for weekly information or Estes Park Running Club page for ongoing racing & events in the Estes Park area.  Our trail runs typically have 5-8 people, which makes it enjoyable!  Please join us!

You can find all this info on our Estes Park Running Club Website

Professional & Personalized Training Programs – register here

Half Marathon to Full Marathon programs with Coach Adam St. Pierre

Meet Adam St. Pierre and read his Biography here .    Adam is a professional ski and running coach.  He has coached distance runners (ultra runners & ultra racing) and triathletes with great success!  His own racing background and achievements offer a direct understanding of what it takes to reach your goals.  Coach St. Pierre has a MS in Kinesiology: Exercise Science. We are thrilled to connect our runners with Coach Adam St. Pierre!  INFORMATION & REGISTRATION:  about the coaching program here & registration click here

Marathon Team Relay
(26.2 MILES)
(26.2 miles)
Early bird (per team)
$185 – before April 30
$195 – between May 1 and May 31
$215 – per team from June 1 to June 17

There is no online registration for the Team Relay Marathon

To download a registration form, follow this link